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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The back-up plan

As I mentioned in my last post, I've had my doubts about whether I will be able to get into medical school. So, I've decided that I'm going to plan out how I'm going to secure my place at medical school next year, should I be unsuccessful. However, my plan of action depends on results day. Here are my ideas:

Circumstance 1: 
- No offers from medical schools
- Offer to study Biomedical sciences at Newcastle, conditional to AAB
- Results on results day: AAB (ex. General Studies)
In this case, it would be pointless to reapply to medical school as my grades are too low to get in anywhere. It would equally be a waste of time to go back to sixth form and retake, as generally medical schools only take A levels achieved in the typical 2-year time frame, rather than in 3 years. Therefore, I will take the offer at Newcastle, in the hope of transfer into the medical school. After 1st year, Newcastle offer Biomed students to apply to transfer into the medical programme, provided that they have a UKCAT score and 75% in year 1 exams.

Circumstance 2:
- No offers from medical schools
- Offer to study Biomedical sciences at Newcastle, conditional to AAB
- Results on results day: AAA and no place received through clearing
The plan here would be to reapply and take a gap year. During the summer holidays I can revise UKCAT, as well as having more time in October to revise for the BMAT. I can refine the personal statement and use the feedback from medical schools to find out why I was unsuccessful the previous year. From now until results day I am continuing my volunteering at an Residential home for the elderly, and am reapplying for work experience in Gloucestershire hospitals. I will also take up a volunteering scheme at a hospice or a school for disabled children. I will get a part time job during my gap year as a health care assistant. I will go back to college and do an A level in mathematics or philosophy so that I am continuing my academic development.  I will take up ballroom dancing again. I will also audition for local theatre productions in my area, as theatre is one of my greatest passions. And if I have any extra time I will carry on my post grade eight piano work by completing a diploma. With the money from my job I will go away and do some health care aid in an LEDC. Hopefully these changes will strengthen my application.

If you are unsuccessful in gaining a place at medical school 1st time around, don't be discouraged. I know many talented students who haven't gained places at medical school, one of whom achieved A*A*A* at A level and didn't get a single offer.


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