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Monday, 15 September 2014

Pre-Freshers Feelings

Okay, so I've got four days until I head off to Medical School. Up until this point, I had no apprehensions about starting university. However, the emotional roller coaster that some of friends appear to be on is starting to rub off on me. A handful of my friends, some of whom I've known for a good seven years, have already left for uni. There were many tears, any compliment or cuddle would cause a chain reaction of sobs all round, except me. I thought I was made of stone! Now, it's finally sunk in that I am going to university.

I always tend to find that in any even I'm faced with, I never get nervous until just before it's about to happen. Whether it's a musical I'm in, an A level exam or a piano recital; it doesn't faze me until 30 seconds before it's about to happen.

At first, it just felt like a physical reaction to the idea of uni; I just felt anxious and scared but I wasn't sure why or what about specifically.

Now, I realise the only part of moving away that I am truly worried about is friendship. For the last seven years I have been phenomenally blessed in having the most wonderful group of friends anyone could ask for. It is a group of possibly 30-40 people (my college was very large), and they're all bloody brilliant. All equally witty, spontaneous and supportive. I couldn't ask for more from a friend. And with this group, I am forever busy in my social calendar. The thought of not having that safety net of beautiful companions whom I already know understand me and get on brilliantly with is quite daunting. At university, it may be hard to build a group of friends who all are so like-minded and loving.

As an extrovert, I feel like my friendships are invaluable. A day without speaking to a friend feels void. I really hope I make a good bunch of friends on the Medicine course as well as the people I will be sharing a floor with. I thought to myself: How can I maximise my friend-making probabilities? And I concluded that all I need to do I is just stand tall, keep a smile permanently plastered on my face, be open and complimentary, and join in in all social activities.

Academically speaking, I have no qualms. I fully understand that Medical School is going to be the toughest academic experience I have yet to experience, I'm not underestimating that at all. But personally, I feel that because this is my greatest passion and I am so utterly convinced this is the vocation for me, my enthusiasm to practice medicine will carry me through. I am naturally very organised and I wouldn't be accepted into the Medical School if the university didn't have hope in me.

I'm fine with the new found independence aspect, too. I am in catered accommodation anyways, and so it's a very secure and sociable way of living. Although  I have to catch a bus to get to my university, this does not worry me as hundreds of students in the student village will be doing the exact same thing.

I'll let you know how I get on.


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