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Monday, 3 November 2014

Little Update

Since starting medical school I feel that all my posts have been very positive, and whilst I am certainly loving university life, I think this is not showing a totally accurate representation of my time here. It isn't always great, and recently a couple of bits and bobs have started to grate on me which I wanted to share.

Today was a rather bleak day. I stupidly decided to stay up till 3am despite having a 9am lecture today. Later on I also had to present five Case Based Learning scenarios in a group meeting. The CBL cases were incredibly difficult because the content that was relevant to the question was impossible to find. Many of the questions asked us about topics we had never studied before, our recommended textbooks were useless, as was Google. For many of the questions we could find a shred of info on Google but we had no idea whether to write it down - how could we know it was accurate? In some questions the textbooks would contradict each other as well, which didn't help. Unfortunately the facilitator asked me to answer the one question that I hadn't completed. I really felt victimised and embarrassed by the way he spoke to me in front of 30 of my peers. And once I'd given up trying, he then admitted that nobody really knows fully how mitochondrial DNA is replicated and that it is till being researched. I also felt it was unfair that many of us were criticised for giving brief answers despite the fact that the content had never been taught to us and was nowhere to be sourced. We have an evaluative meeting on Friday about the CBL session, and I will certainly have a lot to say.

In addition, I have an end of topic test on Wednesday, which until now I was worried about. Then tonight, I tried to find the lecture power points on our online resource webpage, but they have all been deleted. After much stress, I've decided not to worry about it, because everyone else will be in the same boat. The test does not count, however it is frustrating that we can't properly revise and prepare ourselves.

One thing that people told me about Freshers was weight gain. I never really thought it would happen to me, but unfortunately it has. The combination of drinking too much, late night takeaways and very unhealthy canteen food has had undesirable effects. I've now got a uni gym membership so hopefully I can undo all my sins. I would highly recommend that you pick up a uni sport or join a gym, because otherwise the motivation to be healthy will be at an all time low. When you're stressed, tired and hungover, little else will make you want to exercise. I'm too scared to weigh myself. Being in a relationship with someone who is gym mad also doesn't make me feel much better when my physique is considerably flabbier. I am not overweight, but I certainly need to be healthier.

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