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Sunday, 25 January 2015


This weekend has been great. Taking the time to get away from the stress from formatives (mocks) has made me feel so much better and less stressed. In addition, I've had the time to play piano which has made me so happy. I've been playing piano for about 10 years now and have attained ABRSM Grade 8 with Distinction. Piano is my all-time favourite hobby and is the only way I can really escape. 

Getting to see my friends from back home for a curry and pub catch up was wonderful, too. I feel really privileged to have such lovely friends. 

I'm definitely going to be playing more piano at uni from now on because it's done me so much good. This has reminded me that in order to read Medicine without going insane, hobbies are essential. This was a key point that William Osler mentioned in his book 'The student life: the philosophy of Sir William Osler'. It's a great book. Now I am definitely going to prioritise hobbies to relieve stress. 

The picture above is of one of my favourite pieces by Liszt and of my piano at home. I would highly recommend the piece, which you can listen to here. I always play this piece when I feel sad and need to escape. 

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