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Friday, 12 June 2015


I really don’t want to write this. It’s about periods. I don’t like talking about periods. I don’t think anyone does like talking about periods….

But really, that’s why it’s worth discussing.

I, like many women, feel it is unfair that sanitary products are branded as a ‘luxury item’. Consequently, they are heavily taxed in the UK. Now, I think any woman in their right mind would argue that they are certainly not a luxury item!

If women couldn’t afford sanitary products, we’d probably end up having to sit on the toilet for 5 days every month for fear of a gruesome mess.

The current campaign #JustATampon is brilliant. We need to take the stigma away from menstruation in order for it to be taken seriously.

After all, periods are shit. But they would be a hell of a lot worse if you couldn’t afford a tampon.

I thoroughly recommend you watch Rosianna's video if you want more info.


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  1. I think female sanitary products should be covered by health insurance. At the very least your ob-gyn could provide you with a menstrual cup at every pap smear! It's cheap, effective, and eco friendly. I'm really pissed off that women in general get paid less and have more expenses, even if they don't use make-up, wear a bra, get their hair cut at a salon... In Africa, girls often stop attending school when they get their periods, because they can't manage the discharge.


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