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Saturday, 18 July 2015

My food bucket list!

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Hey everyone, 

Apologies for the lack of consistency of blogposts.

In preparation for my orthagnathic surgery, I had a pre-op assessment with a nurse at the hospital where my surgery will take place in 13 days! I am so excited for this op.

Anyway, the assessment was basically like a health MOT. She checked my blood pressure (slightly below normal), pulse (normal), BMI (normal), did some chest auscultations, checked my family history, allergies, and quizzed me on anything you can imagine! I had to bring in a urine sample (gross) and then I had to swab myself for MRSA in a nostril and upper thigh. I have no idea why those areas, but I did it anyway. She then sent me off to the phlebotomist to get my blood taken, checking my liver function amongst other things. Another blood sample has to be taken less than a week before the operation, so it's good that I'm not scared of needles!

I have one further appointment with my surgeon and an appointment with a dietician and then I'm ready for surgery.

I decided to write a food bucket list because I am a massive foodie. I love cooking and I love my food. So, I am anticipating that when I am on this liquids-only diet after the operation I will be in a very irritable state. It will be a good two months until I will be back to eating normal food again, so here is my list:

- Thai green curry
- Sushi
- Chinese takeaway
- Porridge with mashed banana (weird I know, but SO GOOD)
- Sweet potato chips
- Ben & Jerry's ice cream
- An almond croissant
- Pancakes
- Sticky toffee pudding
- Fruit salad
- A roast dinner
- A fry up 
- Steak (it will take a long time until I can handle something as chewy as this after the op!)

A slightly strange list I know, but these foods will be sorely missed! 


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