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Friday, 14 August 2015

2 weeks post double jaw surgery

I cannot believe the surgery was 2 weeks ago! The last 14 days have flown by.

Today I had my weekly orthodontic appointment; the elastics were changed and they are actually a lot tighter than last week's, which surprised me. I saw a different orthodontist today because my usual man was on holiday, so perhaps that's why. It sounds weird, but it actually feels good to have the elastics on the braces tightly. The brief moment in the chair when I had no elastics on it felt so weird; I tried to keep as still as possible because I just didn't know what to do with my jaw. However, I wish they weren't THIS tight, I can barely open my mouth at all and it feels like a real strain. I was starting to have thicker liquids but now I think I'll have to make them thinner again because these elastics are so tight and they come right to the front of the mouth so there is physically so little room for liquids to pass through. I drove 40 minutes today to the hospital but then got my sister to drive back as she was with me, but I'm sure I could have done it myself, I was just being lazy. 

My appetite is starting to come back which is infuriating. Before I had no interest in proper food. I now look at meals that I would want to eat and get cross that I can't have it. I still like the liquid diet, the flavours of my foods are fine, I just miss eating my favourite foods. I've gone out occasionally with my family and it is starting to grate on me watching them eating food as I sip on water. In terms of weight loss I've lost roughly 5 pounds, not a lot. I am managing to get in the calories, but sometimes it's just too much effort to keep making smoothies. I tried my first bowl of Weetabix yesterday and it was lovely, but very runny of course. I normally have a cold coffee, actimel, juice and smoothie in the morning, soup for lunch, smoothie in the afternoon, another soup in the evening and possibly another smoothie after that. The dietician rang me up today to see how I was doing and said if I lose too much weight she will get more of the premade Fortisip shakes which are 300 calories per 125ml. How do they cram so many calories in those shakes?!

My lips and skin on my face are still really dry, not sure why though. A really thick lip balm is an essential for recovery. Nuxe's rĂªve de miel lip balm is great. 

The swelling has gone down really well, but I still sometimes get pain in my left jaw. I don't take any more pain relief which is good. 

Sensation hasn't really changed. Lower lip and chin are fine, but upper lip is very immobile but some sensation. It's really strange to have control of one lip but not the other, and means I really can't smile.   My whole face can feel sensation and pain but I can't move my nose, cheeks or upper lip much at all. I don't know why but immediately after the surgery my upper lip got really thin but it's starting to go back to its normal shape.

One thing I'm already planning is what I'm going to do when all the orthodontic treatment is done. When the braces are off and I'm fully healed I'm going to go to MAC and buy a lovely bold coloured lipstick and wear it constantly, just to show off that after 4 years of orthodontics and 2 operations under general anaesthetic I am finally DONE! It will be a wonderful feeling to know that I've finally done all my growing up and I will feel more like my age. I don't know a lot of 19 year olds with braces and I can't wait until I have them off. 

Above: Day 11
Above: day 12

Above: day 13

Above: day 14
Above: new tighter elastics - this is literally the widest I can open my mouth!


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