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Monday, 10 August 2015

Jaw surgery: Day 10 of recovery

Today I saw my surgeon and I thought I would jot down some of his comments. Not much more to report except I haven't taken any pain relief for a couple of days and everything is going to plan.

Surgeon thinks I am doing amazingly well and the swelling is going down nicely. He has ordered me to speak as little as possible because the metal plates on the mandible have a degree of flexibility and I need to speak less in order to let them stay as they are whilst the jaws heal.

I had another look at my OPG x-ray with the surgeon and he explained the gap in the mandible bone that has been created will be healed as a blood clot will form in the gap and slowly develop into new bone! Isn't the human body amazing. 

I asked him why my nose had changed and he said he didn't think my nose looked different which is strange because it ABSOLUTELY is. It is noticeably smaller (but perhaps not in his eyes). Hence I didn't really get an explanation for why my nose is different.

The surgeon has reminded me that it's normal to have one side of the face that is more swollen, but I'm still not sure what that reason is. 

One thing I keep forgetting to mention is that my skin has been really dry since the surgery, including my lips. I've been putting on lots of moisturiser and Nuxe's rĂªve de miel lip balm, but even so I am really flaky and dry. 

I can now brush my teeth really well with a baby toothbrush because I have better mouth movement and I can actually smile widely enough to expose what the new elastics look like. Photo is shown below of these. 

Above: day 10
Above: what the new elastics look like (sorry about the stained elastics! Silly Heinz tomato soup)


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