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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Post jaw surgery recovery: day 5

Last night was the first night I managed to sleep the whole night without taking painkillers. However, when I woke up I was in pain and needed to take pain relief straight away. My mum didn't need to sleep in the same room as me which is good because I felt bad for burdening her in that way. 

I’m actually doing pretty well at the liquid diet; although I don’t enjoy it I don’t loathe it either. Everyone keeps asking me if I hate it and I personally don't think it's that bad. I get hungry but not to the point where my tummy is rumbling loads. I have a combination of the premade Fortisip shakes and smoothies and soups that my mum makes. She adds cream to them to for extra calories, as was advised by the dietician. I can now drink everything from a cup rather than a syringe, with the exception of the liquid codeine and ibuprofen because they are such a small volumes of liquid it’s just easier to use a syringe. I still need to wear a towel around my neck and have a tissue at hand when I eat because I tend to dribble and sometimes I overestimate how much liquid I can sip at a time. All liquids still need to be at a watery consistency; I tried thicker soups and smoothies today but they were too much and I had to thin them out. 

I am getting used to having my jaw wired shut with the elastics but it does ache whenever I try to talk which is a shame.

I also forgot to add that I have to do 3 saltwater mouthwashes a day and 3-4 Corsydyl mouthwashes. I have tried using a baby toothbrush as recommended by my orthodontist but it does very little because I can’t get to most of my teeth and only one side of them.

I have a light yellow bruise going all the way down my neck, as expected. But I also have some bruising on one of eyelids, which is odd.

In terms of sensation, parts of my nose are back to normal, my chin and lower lip are totally fine but it tingles from the upper lip to just below my eyes.

I’ve been a lot more tired today and managed to sleep 11pm-9.30am and then had another nap 11am-midday. I’m not sure why this is, but I was very talkative and enthusiastic yesterday so I am putting it down to that.


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