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Friday, 18 September 2015

7 weeks post double jaw surgery

Finally, I have something positive to write about!

I have improved loads since last week. In my previous jaw recovery post, I mentioned that a lot of pain suddenly came back. Thankfully it had subsided 2 days later, and I am feeling great. I don't have lots of detail to go into so I've summarised the recovery into sections, which I should have done right at the start really!

Almost no pain whatsoever. Sometimes when it gets very cold it makes my teeth chatter which hurts. Occasionally I get a strange jerky twinge in my jaw which is painful, but only lasts a second.

Almost all my sensation is back. I have almost normal use of my upper lip, but that whole area feels a bit funny sensation-wise. You can tell that the full motor use hasn't come back yet because I still have a funny smile when I try to do an open-mouthed smile. Upper gums are still completely numb but I never notice it. 

I still had liquids at uni and then semi solids at home this week, but I am going to start eating normal food during the day time now. I can now eat things like pasta, but I can't actually chew stuff yet. Things can be thick and lumpy. As long as I don't have to chew it then it's fine. As I eat I need a supply of tissues to hand as I get a lot of food all over my lips. I have a massive appetite and cannot wait for food again. What is stopping me from eating is the fact that when I open my mouth widely I get a lot of pain in my left jaw, and chewing is painful as well. This will slowly go. 

Practically non-existant. Nobody would suspect I was swollen, but I can see that I have more swelling on my left side than my right.

The elastics on my braces are so annoying. I'm so glad that I can take them out when I want, but they snap all the time and are SO hard to put on!! They just snap at any moment, particularly at night which worries me because I could choke on them. 

I cannot sleep on my stomach yet, but sleeping on my side is fine. I do get pain in the left side of my jaw if I lie on it for a while, so I prefer to sleep on my right side.

Overall I am happy with the recovery, but it has made my university experience much more stressful. I have a lack of energy because I can't eat well during the day, and when I had my jaw pain last week it was really hard to concentrate on my work. It has been incredibly intense, but everything is starting to feel doable now. 



  1. Sounds like your recovery is going really well. I had this procedure done a few years ago, and it took me quite a bit longer before I was feeling ready to try solid foods again. I think you're going to be really happy when it's all said and done though.

    Cynthia Bowers @ Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center

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