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Monday, 14 September 2015

Making mornings bearable

Are you a morning person? Sometimes I can be. If I get into the routine of early nights then it's fine, but that is not the typical medic lifestyle! I would say most medics don't get enough sleep because they're going out once a week at least depending on the person, combined with late nights finishing off essays and projects, and then the horrible early lectures and placements. I do not sleep well at all. Of course, loads of people have it worse than me. For me to sleep, I have to have complete darkness and silence. People laugh at me because I often need black-out blinds, curtains and an eye mask so that my room is dark enough to sleep! But it is known that blue light in sunlight can subconsciously wake you up; some people buy special blue light lamps that have timers in order to help trick their body into waking up! I always talk in my sleep, too (sorry Rob), and have been known to walk out of hotel rooms in my sleep as well. Not great. 

For me, I need a bloody loud alarm, followed by blasting loud cheery music. Shower is also important, particularly if you start and end your shower with a cold burst of water! I then make myself a cup of green tea with lemon because I like the taste, and I usually watch YouTube videos as I put my make up on. I find it easier to get up in the mornings if I set the alarm extra early so that I can take my time. I can gradually wake up and things feel more doable when I know I'm not in a rush.

Today I had a session discussing stress in year 2 and a lecture on strokes. I then popped into town to get some bits and bobs because I had spent the whole weekend writing up my lectures; I had hoped to   get them done in a day but they took me longer than I thought. Does anyone else get this? Whenever I have a medical school-related task to do, it always takes me considerably longer than I anticipate. Anatomy pre-reading is the worst - it never ends!

Today I was watching some videos by Caroline Hirons who is a total skincare guru. I often think about putting more beauty-related blogposts up, but they're not exactly relevant to medicine. And I am definitely not an expert, so don't think there would be much point.


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