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Monday, 7 September 2015


You know what it's like when you've got so many jobs to do and you really can't be arsed... Or when everyone seems to give you a hard time even though you're trying your best... 
Sometimes you need that little boost of motivation to keep up your spirits and your productivity. I've found a few ways to help keep myself in a good mood even when people and the world are starting to piss me off. So thought I would share them!

Loud, cheesy music
When I had my operation I made a playlist on Spotify called 'Feel good music'. It's full of Destiny's Child, Pharrell and Jess Glynne. If I'm tired in the morning and don't want to get up, I put it on full blast. It's also great if I'm feeling tired but still have loads of work to do. It works so well for me.

Saving kind messages
When I get a loving message from Rob or a nice text from my Mum, I put it in my iPhone notes. It sounds soppy, but if I need some cheering up I reread those messages to remind myself that there are kind people looking out for me.

I swear that if you make yourself smile it does actually help you feel better. I also do it when I'm nervous or scared and it really seems to do the trick. Yes, sometimes it's hard to make yourself do it, but give it a go. 

If I have a lengthy anatomy pre-reading to do and I really don't want to do it (i.e yesterday!) I remind myself of why I am doing it. I want to do that pre-reading because every bit of work I do will help improve my grades and eventually let me become a doctor! A career I've had my heart set on for ages and I am so excited to pursue. At the same time, if a test doesn't go well I remind myself that being at university is not the be all and end all. I'm an incredibly lucky person, and the world is full of opportunities.

Classic TV series and films
As I do my makeup I often put on a really silly TV series like Little Britain. It makes me laugh and psyches me up for the day ahead. Laughter can be such a good remedy for a bad mood.

Putting on my face and wearing a nice outfit
If I really don't want to get out of bed or there's something going on that day I'm not looking forward to, I make the effort to put on a full face of makeup, curl my hair and wear something I like. There's something very powerful about having your 'game face' on. If I feel crap, knowing that I've taken time to help myself feel better and look a bit better helps me to have a better attitude towards the day. 

Ring up a mate
I have some great mates who will happily give me a reality check when I need one. Sometimes you get so fixated on the little things, and you need someone who will happily listen to your ranting and then tell you whether you should fix your issue or just get a grip. I always appreciate my friends who are honest and don't hold back from speaking their mind. 

Playing the piano
Hobbies really help to relieve stress. For me, playing the piano helps to switch my brain off and I all I have to think about is making the piece I'm playing sound as good as possible. I always start with a really easy/ostenato piece, anything by Ludovido Einaudi really, and then move onto an incredibly hard Rachmaninoff piece. I like having the choice of playing something that is so easy and know by heart, thus requiring no effort, or giving myself a challenge to play something new and complex.

Today has been a long day of lectures and an anatomy tutorial. However, I am loving being at university so much. It feels very homely now and I feel very happy in this amazing city with amazing people here to support me. It is going to be a hard and very intense year, but I will take pleasure in rising to the challenge.


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