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Friday, 2 October 2015

9 weeks post double jaw surgery

I know you're all probably bored senseless of these posts but I think it's worth giving all the details in case anyone is considering this procedure.

Only when eating or yawning.

Upper gums still completely numb, upper lip feels strange but not completely numb.

Mainly pasta really, and meat cut up into small pieces. Crunchy fruit and vegetables is not really an option. I cannot bite and chew yet. 

Continuing to go down nicely 

Braces and bite:
Today I saw my orthodontist and he took off the surgical hooks, changed the brackets and put different elastics on. I am expecting to get the braces off late December/early January. The midline is slightly off so that is why I still have elastics. 

Still not great. I am permanently tired but that isn't really due to the jaw problems. I can sleep on my side but it is a bit painful. Cannot sleep on my stomach yet. 

I am now down to 10 stone, so overall I have lost 11 pounds following this surgery. I have signed up for the gym and will start in November when I will be at the 3 month mark and so my bones will be healed and I am allowed to do contact sports. 

The neuro block test went okay and now I am preparing for a week on a diabetes unit next week! Exciting! 


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