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Friday, 16 October 2015

Autumn beauty

Hello lovely people,

So far I am really enjoying my new module, the urogenital system. It was my best module last year and I am still finding it incredibly interesting. We have a great module lead; she is a consultant urologist and I find her very approachable and inspiring. However, I wanted to write today about something fun and light-hearted. In my last few posts I have mentioned how important I think it is to put medicine into perspective. There is more to life than reciting the Krebs cycle or revising the pelvic diaphragm. I love playing with makeup, particularly in Autumn/Winter time when you can wear darker looks. 

When the weather gets colder, my skin also becomes more dehydrated. To combat this, I always used to use Indeed Lab's Hydraluron serum (£24.99). It is rich in hylauronic acid, which attracts water molecules to it, helping the skin to retain water. It is applied under your moisturiser. However, I recently found Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum (£2.69). It has less hylauronic acid in it compared to Hydraluron, but it works just as well for me, and for practically a 10th of the price! 

As for makeup, I have been wearing MAC's frost eyeshadow in bronze (£13.00) underneath my usual winged eyeliner. I think it works quite well with blue eyes. I don't pile on the blusher or contour, but I have been using No7's blusher in Honey (£8.00), which is a lovely warm colour. For lipstick I absolutely love No7's in 60 Chic (£9.95) or L'OrĂ©al Eva's nude lipstick (£6.99).  

I'm looking forward to a lovely relaxed weekend, with a bit of work - but not too much ;) 

Kate xxx


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