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Monday, 12 October 2015

The 'if I had any money' wish list!

The last week has been chaos. Very stressful and emotional. Overall, the placement was fantastic and I learnt A LOT. However, my recent dip in mood made me realise that sometimes we all need to be less serious. We need to laugh, have fun, chill out. It's really hard to get that balance right between hard work and also time to recuperate and be frivolous. This post is focussing on just being silly and indulging in my own vanity and love for material possessions! 

I love shopping. My true weakness is Boots, I could spend hours there and buy the whole shop if I could! Beauty products have always fascinated me and had a grown up, feminine allure to them. And so, despite being a very strapped for cash student, I can at least dream and fantasise about what I would buy if I could! Here is my list of dream products I would buy if money was no object! 

Diptyque candles in fragrances Figuier, Feu de bois, Rose, Vanille and Noisetier
I am OBSESSED with Diptyque. In my opinion, they are the most wonderful candle makers I know. However, that wonderful smell comes with a hefty price tag. The small candles are £20 and the 'standard' sizes are £40. The only candle I have bought from them myself was Figuier; the most amazing and delicious smelling candle. Fig is my favourite candle scent, but it's really hard to get just right. I am curious to see what the Noisetier candle is like, as I love hazelnuts but have never come across a candle scented like it! At Christmas my family once bought the winter limited edition candle, and I still sniff the fully used glass jar to remember how amazing that candle used to smell. 

Diptyque fragrance in Philosykos 
This is a fig scented perfume - I cannot imagine anything more heavenly!! 

REN skincare - clay cleanser and clay mask
I absolutely love REN skincare because they are free of crap ingredients like parabens and mineral oil, however you have to pay the price for that. They contain clay, zinc and salicylic acid, which can penetrate into the hair follicle where a spot is formed and break down the dead skin lurking there. I have used their mask and cleanser before and they are absolutely amazing, but I just can't justify paying £19 for a cleanser and £30 for a mask. Sigh. 

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum
Okay okay, no 19 year old needs an anti-ageing serum. But this is one of those cult premium beauty products that EVERYONE raves about, regardless of age or ethnicity. As well as the peptides, it's got hylauronic acid in, which naturally attracts water molecules helping dehydrated skin. It's also oil free. And I want it. 

Benefit They're Real mascara
I got a sample of this a year ago and adored it. I'm still looking for that perfect mascara, and this is probably the closest I've got to that. But £19.50 is just too steep for mascara.

Clarins instant light natural lip balm perfector
This is a gorgeous tinted lip balm that doesn't feel sticky. It's lush, but expensive. 

Benefit real cheeky party set
Benefit have come out with some amazing Xmas gift sets, but this is my favourite. I love all the different blush shades, and you also get the mascara in it, too. £29.50

Benefit Ooh Lah Lift and Lemon Aid
I have awful under eye circles. I've used these products together before and they work amazingly, but just can't afford to repurchase them! They were some of the first Benefit products I tried and I still love them. 

Christmas-themed Yankee Candles!
These are just lush. Nothing gets me more in the spirit for Christmas than one of these!!

A MAC lipstick
I've mentioned before on the blog that when all my surgical treatment is done I want to get a MAC lipstick and show off my fixed teeth and jaw. I have no idea what colour, but definitely a bold one. I am hoping to get the braces off at Christmas or January, so will splash out on a lipstick then. 

Philip Kingsley hair elasticizer 
This is a mega-hyped pre-shampoo conditioning treatment. My hair is very dry and easily damaged, so needs a lot of TLC! I would love to get my hands on this. 

Shu Uemura eyelash curler
This is meant to be a holy grail beauty product. I always curl my eyelashes but my current curlers are crap, so I need to get some decent ones. But £20 is just too steep. 

I hope you're having a great week and thank you so much for reading my blog xxxx



  1. Hahaha ok I love this post. I would totally be buying the same kind of things too - candles, MAC lipsticks and ren skincare are all items I'd be getting! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge


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