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Friday, 23 October 2015

What I love about Liverpool

When I came up last year to this crazy new city I had no idea what to expect. I had been to the open day and to my interview, but that was all I had to base what Liverpool was like. None of my family are from the north of England, so I've never had a reason to go there. Truly, the north of England was like another country in itself! Completely different dialects and weird jargon. However, once I got here I quickly fell in love with Liverpool. So I thought I would share why I love Liverpool!

The night life
Off the top of my head, I can count 16 night clubs I know of in Liverpool. I'm sure there are many more! All the main clubs in Liverpool are based around Concert Square, and the nights I've had in Liverpool have been absolutely amazing. On top of that, it's such a cheap night out. Lots of clubs are free entry, and then taxis home are also really cheap. Compared to my home town which has one club that you pay £6 entry (extortionate!!) and only has one floor, I was amazed by how good the night life is. And you can go out any day of the week and still have a good turn out and buzzing atmosphere. I never would have thought Monday would be a good day to go out clubbing, but it is in Liverpool, especially if you're a medic.

The architecture
If you go into central Liverpool, there are several beautiful churches and cathedrals, and lovely stone buildings such as the Lewis's building, The Adelphi Hotel, The Liver Building and St George's Hall. It's lush.

The Albert Docks
The docks are gorgeous. Really nice restaurants and bars and some good museums, too. 

Bold Street
This is probably one of my favourite parts of Liverpool. As you walk up Bold Street you come across loads of cool vintage shops and kitsch independent coffee hangouts. It's a really nice vibe, and at the top you come across St Luke's church, known to Scousers as the 'bombed out church'.

University Square
The university campus is really nice in my opinion. The famous red-brick Victoria building is where the tradition of 'red-brick universities' began. 

If I'm on a bus sat next to Scouser I more often than not end up having a good chin wag with them. The little old grannies are so nice and talkative! I also really like how seriously some Scouse girls take their beauty and fashion. Perfectly curled hair, head to toe fake tan, smokey eye,  false lashes and platform heels seems to be the norm for them. The Scouse brow isn't for me, but I do admire these girls who really make an effort and do look amazing for it. 

The obsession with chicken shops
Okay, this is just for a laugh, but it really shocked me how many chicken shops there are in Liverpool! There's probably one in my hometown, but I swear nearly every street in Liverpool has a fried chicken takeaway. I've spent some good times chilling out at Chicken Bazooka with my friends at 4am after a night out. 

The Victorian houses
My current student house is a traditional Victorian house and it's lush. I cannot believe how cheap it is, and I have a lovely room with a high ceiling. I will miss that room so much!

Hope you enjoyed this post xx

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