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Monday, 28 December 2015

A thank you to bloggers!

Hello everyone,

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful December holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. I had and am still having a lovely rest! This year my holidays have been significantly reduced compared to what I had last year. For this year, my first term was 16 weeks long with no breaks/reading week. I have 2 weeks off for Xmas, 2 weeks off for Easter and then 6 weeks off for Summer. I am not complaining as I know that many people have much less time off, however I'm aware that most university students have far more generous holidays! 

I wanted to give a massive thanks to all those who regularly read my blog and who create their own fabulous blogs. When I began The Medic Journal, I wanted a platform to vent my own opinions. I didn't care about how many followers I would accrue. One thing I did not realise was the community spirit that exists within blogging. You really do get to know people, usually through our sassy Twitter feeds. I feel like the small little gang of mates I have made through blogging (and Twitter which has facilitated its proliferation) is so satisfying. It makes me blush and feel all fuzzy inside when I get nice comments about my writing. I find it hard to articulate how grateful I am for that praise, but try to via lots of exclamation marks and emojis. 

And so what is the future of The Medic Journal, and blogging? This page is never going to be big. What I write about is a niche category, and I write about what I want to write about. Despite my blog being very young, I have been following blogs for several years. I have watched it evolve from lots of witty people talking excitedly about their interests, to a very superficial form of blogging. I am not trying to slate those who make their living from blogging. I have a tremendous amount of respect for people who are passionate about what they do and pursue what they love. However, it has got to the point where I am so bloody sick of everyone having a white background and the same fonts, the same blog layouts. The same sponsored posts popping up. And some posts that are sponsored but the blogger fails to disclose this. I would really like it if we could go back to the early stages of blogging, where everything wasn't picture perfect. Hell, I would rather see the odd typo here and there and see real content and real opinions, than gaze at a blog saturated with advertisements and sponsored reviews. 

Okay, rant over!

Currently I am procrastinating. I don't want to do my revision. I just want to sit in bed and enjoy this last week of holiday and then go back to uni fully rested. I also need to start thinking about my systematic review understanding epidemiological evidence of and implications of physical inactivity. But I really can't be arsed. I recently got an electric piano to take to uni which I am very excited about! I am also going to start a French medical language course. 

I am excited for the new year, but right now I would rather sit in my PJs and watch Downton Abbey all over again. 

To all those who read this blog, I send you my love and thanks for doing so and hope you have a wonderful rest. 



  1. I'm so glad I found your blog and enjoy keeping up with what you are doing! I look forward to many more posts :)
    Also - good luck with medical French! I did that for an SSC in 2nd year and loved going back to language lessons!
    Jennifer X

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer - Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
      Kate xxx


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