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Saturday, 23 January 2016


What the hell. How has it been 6 MONTHS since my bimaxillary osteotomy?! I was so happy to have my braces off, but for some reason on the day itself I was very anxious and tearful. I cried in the car and in the hospital! I was in and out of the chair in twenty minutes and the process was painless but a bit uncomfortable. Luckily there is no obvious staining around where the brackets used to be, but nevertheless I am about to begin whitening my teeth at home using a kit and trays that my dentist has shown me how to use.

I am really pleased to say I am no longer in pain. I remember the days when all I could think about was the horrible ache I would have in my jaws and how nothing seemed to relieve it. Now I have whole days of no pain at all and it is wonderful. To be honest, it has taken 6 months to feel ‘normal’ again. Eating and teeth brushing almost feels as normal as it did before.

I would not say I have 100% of my sensation back, but maybe 95%. I feel that I do have sensation but it doesn’t feel like how it used to, there still is a slightly ghostly sensation when I brush my upper gums.

I feel so relieved to have finished this orthodontic process. It has really held me back and affected my mood greatly; I do think it contributed a lot to my dip in mental health. Having said that, I have no regrets. Now that I have persevered through the pain and have completed the process I feel fab. I love the results. I feel more comfortable in my skin.

I am sad that part of me is gone and I’m not quite the same person I used to be, but I now feel as if I have finally finished growing up.

Thanks so much to all the people who have supported me throughout this process. It was hard and at times unbearable, but I wouldn’t change any of it for what I have now.

I have to thank the NHS for what they have done for me. This entire process has been paid for by the NHS. I have been seeing a NHS orthodontist for 4 years. In the running up to the surgery I have seen NHS dieticians and lots of other healthcare professionals such as dental nurses who have taken impressions of my teeth. My operation itself was paid for by the NHS as well as my hospital stay. The only personal financial hardship I have had to experience is the travel expenses and buying Corsydyl mouthwash! I had an incredibly supportive team throughout this process. There were times where I would wait over an hour for a time allocated appointment. My surgery was delayed multiple times due to administration errors and also when my surgeon too paternity leave. But looking back retrospectively, these were small prices to pay for a great service and a fantastic result. It truly frightens me how the government continues to break the back of the NHS. I am one example of millions of British people who have benefited massively from the NHS. As a medical student, I really don't think I would be comfortable working in a private healthcare setting. Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege, and I hope it stays that way here in the UK. 
On day of operation, July 2015

January 2016

January 2016


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