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Saturday, 16 January 2016


As much as I love makeup, removing it at the end of the day is another matter. Sometimes my mascara just won't budge. Micellar waters only seem to scratch the surface, and makeup wipes are just plain gross (not to mention unhygienic). If you wear a full face of makeup most days like I do, you really need a cleansing balm. Yes, you need it. There just isn't anything else that can work as fast and be as effective.

I have often shied away from oily formulas because I have oily, spot-prone skin. But through trial and error, I've figured out that as long as I avoid mineral oil and shea butter in my skincare, then actually these cleansing balms do so much good. I don't want to stop wearing loads of makeup, and really nothing works as well as a balm. They do such a good job.

Then there's the issue of residue. Sometimes thick cleansing balms leave a greasy film on the skin. Ew. But through trying a few, I've found some lovely balms that leave no residue. To use, apply the balm to dry skin, massage for a minute or so until the makeup has started breaking down, and then remove with a warm flannel. 
Here are my favourites:

I hate that the most expensive balm I've used is the best. Price aside, this balm is just amazing. No weird fragrance, as it's fragrance free like all of Clinique's products. This balm uses safflower oil instead of mineral or shea butter. This breaks down my makeup so quickly, and leaves absolutely no residue. If you are acne prone like me, I would definitely recommend this. This is my favourite for sure.

This balm is fabulous, and probably works the quickest out of all of them. Sadly, I can no longer use it, as it contains shea butter. I wasn't sure if it was breaking me out, but after using it solidly for 2 weeks my skin was not looking its best, even though it is such a brilliant remover. If spots aren't an issue, definitely go for this one. No obvious fragrance. 

3. Coconut oil, £5-15, depending where you look
Coconut oil works great at breaking down makeup. And funnily enough, it has a lovely coconut scent! It doesn't make me extra spotty, but for me the residue left over is quite heavy. I always go for this when I run out of my Clinique one, as it's a cheaper alternative. 

A lovely makeup remover, but not my favourite. It can take a while for the cleanser to melt in your fingers, and the residue afterwards is quite heavy. If you are into natural and organic skin care then this is right up your street, as it's 97% organic. It does contain shea butter, though. It also comes with a muslin cloth, too, but I personally prefer using a flannel.

Does everyone need a cleansing balm? No. But if you're like me and enjoy wearing lots of heavy makeup, the only thing that'll do you any justice is a cleansing balm. 
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  1. I tend to use Pond's Cold Cream to take off my make up. I'm not really sure what's in it, but it works better than liquid cleansers or wipes do for me.
    Jennifer x
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