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Sunday, 17 January 2016


I have been inspired by the lovely Jennifer to write a blogpost about the best moments of this week! I think that her blog is wonderful as she has lots of great food inspiration and one of the posts I like the most that she does is when she divulges the things she has loved in her busy week as a 5th year medic. I also think that it encourages an appreciative outlook on life, and I want to do all I can to keep my mental health in the great condition it has recently been in. 

1. Seeing my family
I went home this weekend because I am having my braces off on Monday, and it meant I got to see my parents, my granny and my cats! Having all the home comforts and catching up on the gossip was absolutely lovely.

2. Throwing Emily a surprise birthday party
My friend Emily from back home turned 20 this week and so I threw her a surprise party! We had pink balloons, pizza and chocolate cake. Happy birthday Em! 

3. Burning my new Diptyque candles
I was lucky enough to get a trio of Diptyque candles from 'Santa': Figuier, Feu de Bois and Vanille. They smell absolutely gorgeous and get me in the mood to revise!

4. Teaching Rob to play the piano
Playing the piano is a massive part of my life because it makes me extremely happy, so to be able to share that passion with my boyfriend is just amazing. He's doing so well and he's getting used to playing Ancora by Ludovico Einaudi. Well done Rob!

5. Going to the gym
I know, I know, me - going to the gym?! My lovely medic friends have been great at getting me to do some exercise, and as much as I struggle through it, it has helped my mental health. I feel great, thank you so much Tabs and Sabs! 

6. Buying 50% off shoes
Oh my God, these shoes!! They're from Clarks, and were reduced from £80 down to £40. I love that Clarks do half sizes, as I have very awkward UK Size 7 1/2 feet! Most of Clarks' shoes are very grandma-esque but they also do some more fashionable shoes. These arrived at my house on Friday and I cannot wait to wear them. 
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