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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Hey there,

Recently I've had bit of writer's block. Uni has been hectic as per usual, but in the best way. This week is based purely around infection and immunity, and I'm not loving it. I do find it interesting, but things like memorising latin names of bacteria and global health waffle doesn't really float my boat. Next week we begin the gastrointestinal module, so I think I will enjoy getting back into the standard mix of anatomy, pathophysiology and therapeutics. 

Every now and then I put up a beauty-related post and they always tend to get a lot more views. I love beauty and have always been obsessed with makeup and skincare, but I don't feel that I have any knowledge to impart, just enthusiasm for new products! I may put up stuff occasionally. I'm currently drafting a post on what my favourite cleansing balms are, as I find they're the only way to properly get a full face of makeup off.

As much as I am loving the course, I find myself time and time again comparing myself to my fellow medical students. I am still pretty jaded from having to do retakes last year, and I am scared I may repeat that this year. I know that I am working 10 times harder and better this year, and always asking for help when I need it. But it still feels humiliating. I know I cannot be the best, but it is strange going from being top in every class at GCSE and A level to now feeling frankly inadequate.

I am passionate about medical journalism and writing for this wonderful blog, but right now I don't seem to have the time or sanity to put effort into them as well juggling my other jobs. I hope that eventually I will get used to the stress and then be able to take on more jobs. Currently I only feel like I have time for lectures, piano, gym and the odd evening seminar. I know some people do less and others far more, but right now I definitely feel like I am working at my maximum capacity, and I don't want to burn out. 

Please bear with me and hopefully I will become inspired to share some new content!

Sending lots of love to my readers, and take care 
Kate xxx

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