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Sunday, 24 April 2016


I've had a very nice and relaxing weekend with Rob. Yesterday we went and had a McDonald's for lunch (whoops) followed by a coffee and cake at John Lewis. The weather has been so gorgeous this week and I hope it stays that way! 

This week has felt really challenging, and at times I've questioned whether I wanted to still do medicine. The reason for this is because I felt like I was getting so much negativity from staff despite working my absolute best, and I didn't feel valued.

University is not a good reflection of the real world. It pisses me off that you can do really well in some areas without getting any positive feedback from staff. I appreciate that the staff have tremendous pressures of their own, however it really does suck when you feel like you are bombarded with work deadlines, and threatened into filling out pointless surveys. I genuinely got a warning from the university because I didn't fill in ONE survey. That really does take the piss. 

I know that medicine is the vocation for me. I have the right personal qualities, and I know I am capable of completing the degree. But the negative aspects, the competition, the dim political atmosphere and so on really make you think twice. 

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