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Monday, 2 May 2016


Apologies for the lack of posting! I have unfortunately been without wifi at home this week, but hopefully it will be fixed soon.

I cannot describe to how much better I feel compared to the last few weeks. I truly feel like a massive weight has been lifted.

Over the last week I have been trying to realise what was getting me down, and then it became glaringly obvious: WORK. Everything else in my life is very stable, but somehow I couldn't stop ruminating about my deadlines. More specifically, the people in charge of those deadlines, and those who are supposed to be helping me with said deadlines, but instead make my life extra challenging.

The book 'The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck' has honestly helped. Cheesy title aside (it's a piss take of Marie Kondo's book), it has changed my outlook. Essentially, Sarah Knight coaxes you into making lists of all your worries and then sorting them into things you can control and things you can't - she then tells you not to give a fuck about the latter. I like this book because you can pick it up and easily get into the flow of her writing; it's not intimidating, but it is funny. You can tell it's written by an American, and she says fuck quite a lot.

If you're interested in the book, I suggest you try the free sample from iBooks if you have an iPhone.

As well as the book, exercise really has boosted my mood. I have never  been sporty or competitive, but going to the gym regularly is keeping me sane. I like spending time planning what I'm going to do and documenting my progress. It feels like a hobby rather than a chore, and it's also satisfying when you improve on your personal bests.
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