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Tuesday, 2 August 2016


I have gone homeware mad! Whilst I usually pass hours looking for beauty deals online and the weekly new additions to the ASOS website, this has been largely replaced with homeware. 

I lived in a very grotty, rat-infested house in my second year of university. Now as I go into third year, I have moved more central into a beautiful and newly updated 6 bed house. I am yet to fully settle in and make the room feel like mine, but I am already bursting with ideas for making my room special. However, as a student, I have to keep the costs down and so I am trying to find items that look great but don't cost loads.

First of all, I wanted to choose a colour scheme. The room is quite dark and is in the attic of the house. So I have decided on a white/black/grey/copper theme! I know, so basic, but I am really set on the idea. I thought the white would help add some necessary light. I also want the overall look to be fairly minimalistic. I used to be a real hoarder, but nowadays I find that having too many possessions that aren't being used feels too cluttered and a bit stressful!

One issue I have with this room is space. The slanted walls do pose a challenge, as well as my electric piano and a ridiculous accumulation of medical textbooks; it's going to  be difficult to make the room seem airy and uncluttered. 

Last year I purchased the IKEA ALEX white drawer set, which has 9 drawers. I am planning on keeping my books in those drawers, which may seem strange. However, the reason for this is that there simply is no other place to put them. I don't have any space left over to put in a bookshelf, and I don't like how they look piled up on the floor. I highly recommend the drawer set, despite how difficult it is to transport once you have put it together. 
My desk came with the property and is not exactly inspiring. However, I am going to buy some cheap white linen cloth and use it to cover it, as well as the bedside table. In addition, the desk needs to multitask as a revision space and a dressing table. So to keep the clutter down, I am going to keep all my makeup in the aforementioned ALEX drawers. However, I've decided to keep out my makeup brushes and store them in this gorgeous copper cup I got off Amazon. I think it will be a beautiful accent on top of the white clothed table. I also chose this white desk mirror from Argos as it isn't too bulky and a great price. 
Copper cup - Amazon

I am also going to renew my long rectangle mirror and paint the dark wooden edges white - let's hope I don't cock it up!

I already have a collection of art posters from exhibitions I've been to, so I didn't feel the need to buy more pieces. I plan on having a 'gallery wall' which is a very new concept to me. I was inspired by Kate La Vie's flat tour. If you love marble, copper accessories and white walls, you must watch the video! She has several gallery walls in her place and I think it looks fantastic. The additions I am going to have are these Vogue postcards that I have had for ages and never used. I got some copper wired LED fairy lights from Primark that I think I will put up above the bed. I am also tempted to get this personalised copper and marble print but am still undecided...

Here I've added a collection of pieces I've seen online that are gorgeous but decided not to buy:

Black art print - Not on the High Street

Print - Not on the High Street

Custom print - Not on the High Street

Marble/Copper candle shelf - Not on the High Street
Copper recipe stand - Oliver Bonas

When I'm back at university I will show you all photos of the finished product. Sorry for the copper overload!

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