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Friday, 30 September 2016


I'm so sick of this Junior Doctor Contract drama. We took Hunt to court to question if he was able to impose the contract - we lost. The contract is going ahead. And then I saw this on Twitter:

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Dr Clarke is choosing to not declare the trust who sent this email. But as you can see, said anonymous trust is bullying junior doctors into following the new contract.

There is evidence suggesting that junior doctors and medical students are now considering GP as their speciality. Why? It has the shortest training route (5 years including FY1 & FY2), therefore shortest time as a junior doctor. Less time on a rubbish salary and hopefully preventing burn out from the gruelling junior doctor hours. 

Morale is really low. I love being on placement, I have so much respect for the NHS staff and the extremely grateful patients. I know medicine is the only vocation for me. But how can the NHS survive when the staff have no reason to stay? It feels like the government really don't value the hardest working people in their arsenal.  

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  1. As a new junior doctor, I can definitely say I feel pretty demoralised by all of this. It's all so up in the air and I have no idea where life as an NHS doctor is going at all... When I'm having a bad shift, there's not much incentive to want to carry on and that feels such a shame after the effort I've put in to get here. (That said, most of my shifts are good ones and I do enjoy it!)


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