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Sunday, 30 October 2016


Hello lovely people,

I thought I would update you all on what's been going on and the direction I want to take The Medic Journal.

I am nearing the end of my psychiatry placement and I am very glad of that! I have learnt about a speciality I have not been exposed to before, but psychiatry really isn't for me. I am very interested in mental health, as you know, but the life of a psychiatrist is not for me. There are many ways to practice psychiatry, and most consultants sub specialise. I was working with a lovely neuropsychiatrist in an outpatient facility, and now I am visiting nursing homes and disability centres. I've found the pharmacodynamics of the medications fascinating. 

When it comes to my own mental health, I have never been better. I truly do not feel like I have depression anymore. I am in the process of coming of my anti-depressant, Sertraline. I am so grateful to walk around and not feel a massive weight on my back; to look out and only see things in a grey scale. That is how depression felt for me, that there was no hope and I was a terrible person. I don't feel anything like that now, and I am so happy with my life. I feel very settled in Liverpool, I am loving being on placement rather than in a stuffy lecture theatre. Rob and I celebrated two years together on Friday and we had the most wonderful time. 

I have spent a lot more time on my hobbies this year. I have put a lot of effort in to styling my room and I am extremely happy with it. I don't know why, but having a tidy room makes me feel so cheery and calm. I am obsessed with gallery walls and am currently building up my own collection of art for my bedroom. I wanted to be an interior designer before I decided medicine was for me. Once I have my camera I will write a blogpost about my room.

I also really want to get more into fashion. I've always been the girl who would much rather read Vogue than a fictional book. I would spend ages pouring over the images, but never had the balls to execute the looks. I'm going to try to be more brave with my outfits and share them with you.

Overall, I want The Medic Journal to cover lifestyle as well as medicine. I'm also going to do some revision posts, as I've finally figured out what works for me!  You can look forward to my usual ranting alongside fashion, beauty, home and food. 

Kate x

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  1. It's so amazing that you are feeling so good right now - look at how far you have come! I'm really glad that you are enjoying 3rd year, placement is so much better than lectures as you said.

    Hannah xx


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