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About Me

My name is Kate and I am a final year medical student.

I am from the south of England but read medicine at a northern university.

On this blog I share my views on current events, what is it like to be a medical student, lifestyle posts, photography and my outside interests. I have also undergone double jaw surgery (bimaxillary osteotomy) to correct my overbite and I have documented this process. 

I also want to help anyone who hopes to study medicine. I want the profession to become less homogeneous; diversity will enrich medicine and give better care. I have never been privately educated and so I know for a fact that applicants from comprehensive schools are at a disadvantage. If anyone would like advice, leave a comment on my blog or Tweet me

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Disclaimer: I am not a qualified doctor, and so I am not permitted to give any medical advice. All views are my own and do not represent the sentiments of my university, or anyone else. None of my content is sponsored unless declared in the first paragraph of a blogpost. 
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